no labels festival - Gašper livk trio

21 januari 16:15 - 18:00

Sound Substance, a composition cycle (Gašper Livk)

From October to January the Muziekmatinee-series programs the No Labels Festival. Embrace the pulse of innovation at Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam's cultural hub. Discover melodies where "new music" means just that: sound creations born of the present moment. Celebrate with indie flavours and experimental beats, as the future unfolds in every note.

Gašper Livk Trio (Lithuania, Slovenia, Italy) presents three distinct musicians, all traditionalists in their own regard, who joined forces in a piano trio to develop and advance their sound and music. They emerge a fluttery and powerfully alive rhythmic design in drums, supporting an intimate counterpoint of the bass and piano with the latter laying intricately expansive harmonies and intent. Realizing the bandleader’s composition cycle titled Sound Substance, they will present the work that started with their first studio recording in Amsterdam in 2022.

“This trio positions itself for its long-term journey in humanity – serving in the role of a traditional trio format for the benefit of all, envisioning a position of principles and purity. The trio’s music may be placed within powerful piano lines and harmonies over densely driven rhythms in drums underlined by the bass base.” – Gašper Livk

DATUM EN TIJD Zondag 21 januari 2024 | Aanvang 16.15 uur | Entree € 6,00 | Kinderen € 2,50 | Stadspas met groene stip € 5,00 | Vrienden van Huis De Pinto gratis

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