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Marielle Groven + DUO ATERRATERR

12 september 19:30 - 22:00

Een prikkelend en uitdagend jazz- en improvisatieprogramma in twee sets.

'Muziek bestaat niet. Het is hooguit een illusie'
– Misha Mengelberg



'Lately, on the advice of a friend, I've begun working with the violin as a sound generator much like I might with an electronic synthesizer. Focusing on acoustic properties like spectra, resonance, sibilance, envelope – I can use the the violin technique to shape the sound. This approach to the instrument opens up for me the potential sound materials available to work with far beyond a standard approach. I find I am limited only by my ability to listen for this potential and my ability to grasp it in the moment of performance. When I improvise I am to push these skills to the edge of my ability in the hopes of something unexpected and wonderful emerging. The challenge is all the greater in solo improvising because I am endeavouring to surprise myself – but these moments of surprise are what it's all about for me' – Marielle Groven


GIUSEPPE DORONZO bariton/tenor sax, ney anban (Iraanse doedelzak), bubbu (Apulinische fluit)
PINO BASILE tamburrelo, cupaphon (gestemd frictie drumstel), frame drum, bubbu.

ATERRATERR is a first of its kind duo. Their music is inspired by soundscapes from the Apulian region in Italy, where both musicians come from. They use unique instrument combinations to open a new musical territory at the edge of early and contemporary music, free improvisation and complex rhytmic structures' – Giuseppe Doronzo

DATUM EN TIJD maandag 12 september | Aanvang 19.30 uur | Zaal open 19.00 uur | Eindtijd 22.00 uur | Entree naar draagkracht 7 – 20 | Op vertoon van Stadspas met groene stip 5,00 | Vrienden gratis

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