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Love and Doves

23 september 20:30 - 23:00

Love and Doves (1985, Lyubov I golubi)
Directed by Vladimir Menshov

This film is set in the rough countryside of Siberia. Vasily is a married worker with a family in a small village who loves to collect birds. One day he is injured at work, and is given a ticket to a resort on the Black Sea as compensation. While he is there he meets someone who will turn his life upside down.

The vibe this film exudes is enticing. It captures the life of the local villagers in a light spirited way, blended with humor and warmth. It allows itself to experiment in bright and creative ways. Let's be clear though... this is not high art in the soaring Tarkovskian sense, but more about the poetry and magic grounded in everyday life.

Russian with English subtitles

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