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uitverkocht! la bonne année

12 december 20:30 - 23:00


La bonne année (Happy New Year)
Directed by Claude Lelouch, 1973

Former boxer Lino Ventura stars in this stylish, surprising 70s French robbery flick that has a bittersweet, moody, charming allure. This is a real beauty of a film, with sensual cinematography (flowing between b&w and color) and intoxicating charisma between the two lead actors. It's a film that takes its time to tell its story and allows you to sink into the rich atmosphere.
Director Claude Lelouche (Un Homme et Une Femme) will always have a subtext in his films, and in this case this jewel-heist thriller is actually a love-hate story between a man (Ventura) and and a woman (Françoise Fabian). It's also about how quickly time flies, and how times change.
The main character portrayed by Lino Ventura is a man who is trying to keep up with the times, but in the late 60s all the rules of the game are changing quickly. This aspect, as we live in a society where everything is
changing rapidly (socially, technologically), makes this film incredibly relevant today. This is a robbery film with a deeper meaning, which is reflective and insightful and it's a wonder that the movie is able to work so well on so many levels (thriller, romance, poetic insight).
La Bonne année is a film of beautiful disillusionment, and the need to let go and believe in something again. This is one of Lelouch's very best films and one of Stanley Kubrick’s favorites.

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110 minutes
In French with English subtitles

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