13 december 11:00 - 13:00

fonoduo: Odée Mertzweiller & Juliusz Warszawski

Sharing many artistic interests in the disciplines of music, photography, and cooking, the idea of forming a guitar duet came naturally to Odée and Juliusz. Nourished with their classical education, interest and penchant for other kinds of arts, the duo is an artistic project reflecting these influences, constantly looking to flourish by sharing and performing music. They started to study with Izhar Elias as their mentor and had masterclasses with Gabriel Bianco and Duo Melis. The duo is based in Netherlands where they perform most of their concerts, including the Hertz concert hall in TivoliVredenburg - Utrecht, Haitingzaal and Sweelinckzaal in Amsterdam.
Aiming to create a picturesque guitar program, including orchestral and piano arrangements of their favourite composers, they highlight the colours, dynamic range and sensitivity of their instruments.
Among a variety of musical periods the duo will bring these places and traditions to life. With their eyes on the future, the two young talents continues their personal development looking for sharing their art with the audience.

Isaac Albéniz                            Mallorca
Alberto Ginastera                    Estancia op.8 ; *
                                                - Danza del Trigo
                                                - Pequeña danza
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco   Prélude et fugue in C sharp minor
Alexander Scriabin                  Etude 1 in C sharp minor op2 *
Jean Philippe Rameau            Le Rappel des Oiseaux
Nikolai Medtner                       Forgotten Melodies - no VI. *
Sergio Assad                            Vittoria Regia
                                                   Recife dos Corais
Manuel de Falla                        Danza del Molinero *

* arranged by fonoduo

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