ConcertPintotonics n+1

carl ludwig hübsch

12 januari - 12 december 2014 20:30 - 23:00

Pintotonics n+1 is het maandelijkse muziek improvisatie programma in Huis de Pinto. Steeds zijn er twee optredens; een solo en een ensemble.

De solo zal verzorgd worden door Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Tuba

"My playing is focused on music as a structure in time. All focus is on the genesis of the moment. While emphasis and plot are fragmented and given the freedom of a new point of departure, utmost care is given to awareness of musical flow and continuity of the play. Through the use of avant-garde and self-invented performance techniques, the tuba acquires completely new characteristics as a brass instrument. An innovative array of unexpected sounds is heard, the instrument is seen from a fresh perspective, and the audience is confronted with a novel way of perceiving time."

De ensemble set wordt verzorgd door

'K Trio'

Kristjan Triggvi Martinsson /piano

Pat Cleaver /contrabass

Andris Buikis /drums