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1 juni 20:30 - 22:30

3 IRON    (2004)
빈집 ;  Bin-jip)
Directed by Kim Ki-duk
88 minutes
In Korean with English subtitles

A twisted and mystical love story that's both humorous and disturbing. In this film the main character is a vagabond who supports himself by breaking into people's homes when they're on vacation. But rather than steal possessions, he cooks himself a meal, carefully washes the dishes, takes a bath, does their laundry, fixes anything broken, sleeps in their pajamas, and leaves each home spic and span. One day he trespasses into the home of a battered wife who's still at home.

The story is beautifully told with images, often silent, rather than moving the plot along with endless dialogue. What you eventually make of the mysterious story is completely personal - are these real situations? Are they played by ghosts? Are these scenes being acted out of our own minds? Or is this the quietest romantic comedy ever? In the end we are left with a visual poem that is as cryptic as it is fascinating.

3 IRON director Kim Ki-duk ( The Isle, Spring Summer Fall and Winter ) delivers a kind of surrealism that is very Korean, but also universally hypnotic...

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