underground movie night

Intimate Lighting

11 juli 2018



Met ingang van maart worden er geregeld underground movie nights in Huis De Pinto georganiseerd. De voertaal van deze avonden is Engels.


The bittersweet film Intimate Lighting (1965) is considered to be one of the most important works of the Czech New Wave, but since the director isn't very well known here in the west it is simply never shown. Although it's slightly different in form than in the former 'east block', under capitalism we have our own system of "banning" or "censorship" based on finance. It doesn't matter how great a work of art it is, if its not going to make a profit it will be banished. That has been the fate of this film.

Ivan Passer was Milos Forman's writing partner and his exquisite sense of humor and storytelling made itself felt in Forman's early Czech comedies. Then Passer made his own masterpiece, Intimate Lighting, about the dreams of two musician friends, one who left their small hometown to become "successful", the other still a music teacher. Intimate Lighting vibrates with pathos and subtle humor... with a compassionate and ironic eye Passer shines a poetic light on our illusions and small victories. A must see for anyone who appreciates real cinema rather than special effects. This is a bittersweet comedy that unfolds with ultimate simplicity, an intimate journey for those who wish to take a peek through the window of a time tragically lost.

"One of the ten films that have most affected me." - Krzystof Kieslowski

This will be a high-definition screening.
The movie is in Czech, with English subtitles.

hall open 20:30 | movie starts 21:00
entrance 3 euro (cash only, no cards)